Scholarship Winners

Over the past two years it has supported literary festivals in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and Somaliland; cultural initiatives in east, west, central and southern Africa; London’s Film Africa festival, the Caine Prize for African Writing, several African educational initiatives and the new Rhodes scholarships for Africans.

The Foundation runs a yearly African writing scholarship scheme, see our MMF Writing Scholarships page, which aims to give three fiction writers and one non-fiction writer the financial freedom to complete an English-language book. Details of the scheme and how to apply for it can be found in the relevant section of this website.

The Foundation also supports several human rights organisations; an array of London theatres; Oxford University women’s lightweight rowing; projects in Haiti and Palestine; a literacy initiative in London’s Shoreditch; plus several schemes which help recovering addicts and detained prisoners in the UK.

Only one of the Foundation’s staff works fulltime. The organisation’s minimal infrastructure means glossy brochures, unsolicited letters and mass-mailed appeals for money are automatically filed in the bin. If you would like the Foundation to consider funding a project, fill in and send the Application Form on this website, see Contacts page.

We know there are a million good causes in the world which deserve support. Please only seek that support from the MMF if it falls within the areas noted above.

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