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Morland Writing Scholarships Shortlist Announcement 2021

The Miles Morland Foundation is pleased to announce the shortlist for the 2021 Morland Writing Scholarships. This year we received 572 applications from across the continent. Selecting the shortlist is always a hard task. Remember, all 572 submissions come from published authors. The 23 people who make up our short list were judged on literary

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MMF scholar, Karen Jennings, Longlisted for Booker Prize

The Miles Morland Foundation is delighted that ‘An Island, written by South African writer, Karen Jennings during her scholarship year, has been longlisted for the Booker Prize. An Island, published in 2020 by Holland House Books, is a brilliant novel exploring hard hitting questions about refugees, colonialism and memory and we wish it every success.

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Morland African Writing Scholarships 2021

Morland African Writing Scholarships 2021  The Miles Morland Foundation is pleased to announce that the 2021 Morland Writing Scholarships for African writers will open for entries on Thursday 1st July. The deadline for submissions is Saturday 18th September. For all information on how to apply, please see the page marked ‘Entry Requirements and FAQs’ on

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Morland Scholars Nominated for Ako Caine Prize for African Writing

The Miles Morland Foundation is delighted that two of our Scholars, Doreen Baingana and Troy Onyango, as well as Remy Ngamije, who was shortlisted for our scholarships in 2020, are on the short-list for this year’s Ako Caine Prize for African Writing. We think of Doreen as being the den mother of Ugandan writing as

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Morland Writing Scholarship Winners 2020

Morland African Writing Scholarships for 2020 The judges met yesterday to decide on the four new Morland Writing Scholars for 2020. This year we had 992 entries compared with last year’s 672. The 2020 Morland Writing Scholars are: Howard Meh – Buh – Cameroon Kobina Ankomah – Graham – Ghana Okwiri Oduor – Kenya Sarah

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Morland Writing Scholarships Shortlist 2020

This year we received 992 entries, over 300 more than last year. They came from 30 different countries. Selecting the shortlist was a difficult task. Although the list is decided on a combination of literary merit and the book proposal, we also, when deciding between submissions of equal merit, try to favour writers at an

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