Sarah Uheida

Sarah Uheida


Sarah Uheida is 22 years old Libyan poet and experimental memoirist who received her Bachelor of Arts in English Studies and Psychology from Stellenbosch University, South Africa. At the age of 13, Sarah and her family escaped the Libyan civil war and immigrated to South Africa where she is still currently residing. She was the recipient of the 2020 Dan Veach Prize for Younger Poets and has featured in literary journals such as New Contrast, Eunoia Review, The Shore,, Plume, the South African, Sonder Midwest, Stone Thursday, Everyday Fiction, Wend, Flock, and  Atlanta Review.

Book blurb:

Uheida is currently writing A Girl’s Plethora of Knives, a fictionalised memoir inspired by the events of Libya’s 2011 Arab Spring Rising. A female child witnesses the atrocities of war then escapes them in the middle of the night, waking up in the unfamiliarity of South Africa. Now a young immigrant woman, she must learn the English language by day, and untangle her traumas by evening. Between the breaths of hysteria, and before the patriarchy comes for her, the war survivor is set on salvaging her chosen life as a poet. What does home look like from where she is standing?

“When we meet behind the building, and I must wipe my history’s affliction on Earth’s dress, I will exhaust their idea of womxn”

Sarah Uheida

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