Nnamdi Oguike

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Nnamdi Oguike is a Nigerian writer. He was selected as The Missing Slate’s Author of the Month for March 2016. His story ‘Easter in Jungle City’ won the first runner-up prize in the Africa Book Club Short Story Competition in April 2015 while ‘I’m Wearing a Wine-Red Smoking Jacket, How about You?’ was on the final list of the 2018 edition of the competition. More of his writing can be found in The Dalhousie ReviewAfrican WriterBrittle Paper, Praxis Magazine and The Wrong Patient and Other Stories. His debut collection of short stories titled Do Not Say It’s Not Your Country was released by Griots Lounge Publishing in April 2019. Set in over ten countries in Africa and beyond, and describing the lives of Africans and people of African origin, it is often described as a Pan-African book. Nnamdi writes loves to read and write stories that celebrate humanity in different countries and cultures. He has just won a 2019 Morland Writing Scholarship for African Writers.

Nnamdi will be writing ‘Toy Shop’, a novel set in South Africa and Nigeria. It is a tender and humorous exploration of the bonds of love in a family tested by xenophobia and complicated multicultural family ties.

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