MMF Creative Writing Workshop

In July 2017 the Miles Morland Foundation held their first creative writing course. The course was led by Giles Foden, award winning author of ‘The Last King of Scotland’ and Creative Writing Professor at the University of East Anglia. Michela Wrong, the Foundation’s Literary Director, also facilitated several discussions, not least a session on non-fiction writing in Africa.

The week long course was held on the picturesque Bulago island on Lake Victoria, Uganda. Each participant was asked to send a piece of their writing ahead of time which would be discussed during the workshop. A morning was dedicated to each participants piece, during which their writing was critiqued by Giles, Michela and the rest of the group. Afternoons were left free for reading, writing or activities on the island. Alongside this, Giles held sessions on literary theory, including the use of language, style, form and point of view.

The writers were encouraged to make use of their surroundings and one day was devoted to exploring the island, interviewing inhabitants and taking inspiration from the setting for writing exercises which were then read and discussed the following day.

We were thrilled to have such a talented group on our first creative writing course. The writers were:

Abu Amirah from Kenya
Acan Innocent Immaculate from Uganda
Alice Gichuru from Kenya
Alexis Teyie from Kenya
Gloria Mwaniga from Kenya
Joe Aito from Nigeria
Margaret Muthee from Kenya
Regina Asinde from Uganda
Timothy Ogene from Nigeria
Troy Onyango from Kenya

We have been delighted to receive such positive feedback from all in attendance and are excited to be hosting our second workshop early next year.

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