Kiprop Kimutai


Kiprop Kimutai grew up in Iten, Kenya, along the edge of the Kerio Valley, which is a part of the greater Rift Valley. He learned the many histories of the land by listening to stories told by his elders, and developed a keen interest in these narratives, which he archived. He became invested in exploring them through fiction, writing stories that are rooted in his ancestral heritage and focused on the universally urgent and true. Additionally, he is keen in exploring the various textures of Nairobi through short stories set, primarily, in the suburb of Donholm. His works have been published by The Johannesburg Review of Books, Debunk Media, Jalada Africa, Popula, The Evergreen Review, No Tokens, among others.

Kiprop is writing about a family living a frugal life in the rocky escarpments of the Kerio Valley in the 1850s, who are torn apart by a catastrophe and are later reunited at a tumultuous time in history, when a British explorer, funded by The Royal Geographic Society, leads an expedition through the region, aiming to map and establish it as a future English colony.


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